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Thanks for visiting our website. As a THANK YOU we have create a referral program where people like yourself can earn some money or service hours depending on what your needs are.


Pretty simple. You can share our services with your friends, family members, neighbors at the grocery store, restaurant, park, school, or wherever you are. There are a lot of professionals and small business owners in need of these services. They can't either afford them or don't know how or where to start.

They need to mention your name when calling to inquire about our services. They will then receive an estimate and once the sale is completed you will receive your commission or service hours (this is only applicable to active clients).



We are a production company that works with aspiring models/actors as well as other professionals and small business owners in different industries such as construction workers, repair, painting, landscaping, hair stylists, nail salons, cleaning services, photographers, tutors, writers, musicians, pet sitting, baby sitting, cooks, furniture maintenance or repair, etc. 

These are just a few professions/businesses and no matter what they do, they all need EXPOSURE and more LEADS to make a living.


1-Web Design,

2-Graphic Design,


4-Video Production & Editing,

5-Social Media Assistance.

WEB DESIGN: At very affordable rates we design web pages (websites) that represent each one of our clients. These sites contain ALL the information our clients want to share with the public. Each website is designed following clients instructions some can be basic and others more complex. This is discussed during their first consultation.

Some of our clients already have everything we need to start. A domain, a professional email address, a logo, pictures, a descriptions of their services or goods, the owners or business biography, and testimonials. This information is vital to every site.

IMPORTANT: Some of our clients started with NOTHING. No problem. If you find someone who's interested in starting a business we can assist them and help them buying a domain, an email address, or designing a logo. In some cases we can take photos or video as well. They need to understand each service is billed individually unless there is an offer, a promotion or a special bundle going on.

Regardless of what they need, we offer very competitive rates they can't miss.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: In order to start designing a business website we need a logo. A logo represent the business, just like a golden arch represents McDonalds. We design logos. We offer and design a few sample sketches to start and the client makes a selection. The final logo will be used everywhere going forward. We can also design their business card, flyers, brochures, t-shirts, tri-folds, banners, posters, greeting cards and any graphic design they need either for online use or for printing. Printing is not included. We can send items for printing and delivery for a small service fee. Our clients receive copies of all items for their records and personal use once the job is completed and paid in full.

PHOTOGRAPHY: We offer a variety of photographic styles. Such as modeling photography for those interested in modeling or acting. They are runway, fitness, commercial, sports, business casual, outdoors, fine art or boudoir, high fashion, editorial, and others. These are the basics for a modeling portfolio. Each session is paid individually or as sets as long as they commit to it. Sitting fees are included. Any special offer is only for those who qualify and meet industry standards. Sessions cost $105 each. They receive 15 jpeg files. Printing not included but available per request. Additional fees not included.

Commercial photography for business. If they sell products, homes, services (before and after), goods, or simply a portrait or group photo for the website. We can help. These rates are not per session and they are billed hourly depending on the job. Clients receive copies of these photos in digital form (jpegs). One hour costs $150 and prorated every 15 min. thereafter.

VIDEO PRODUCING & EDITING: Some of our clients already have videos from their jobs. We can edit these videos and create a presentation they can use on their sites or YouTube channel (if any). We can also film a video introduction for their business or showcasing their products and services. these fees are hourly and based on customers needs. Video costs $175 per hour. Prorated thereafter.


SOCIAL MEDIA ASSISTANCE: We can either help our clients create their first official business profiles or as an admin we can make the necessary changes to stand out among competitors. Profile photos and covers, flyers and promotions. These profiles are ALSO connected to the main website for live updates. We train our clients on what to post and how to post their photos and videos and the usage of hashtags for more conversions and leads. This is a very crucial and important step everyone needs to know when using social media for business.




This is everything you need to know to start sharing our services with others.


PRICING: Basic Web Design starting at $300 (About 15-20 hours of work). All depends on the business and their needs. If the work takes longer. The work is billed hourly. The longer it takes to design a site the higher the fees. Higher commission as well. In order to star the new client MUST pay a minimum of  50% of the total. Before starting they all receive an estimate where they can either add or remove services.


Please encourage people to call for a consultation. No matter if they have what we need or they are starting with nothing, we can hep them.


COMMISSIONS: For starters 15% (5 first clients), then it goes up to 20% (for the next 10 clients) and 25% thereafter.


EVERY client you refer MUST mention your name. Once the client receives their estimate, agrees to these services and pays the initial payment, you will be notified of the sale and once the work is completed and the (final payment) is made, you get your commission.


Please note: You are responsible for paying taxes on all earnings just like waiters or server would do or any other professional job where people earn money without any deductions.