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DF Productions is a video, photography and multimedia production company that works with aspiring models, actors and professional in all areas looking for a new approach, creating or updating their own individual portfolios, video presentations and/or marketing materials.  We provide a variety of services to help your business or professional presentations from single photo sessions to video presentations, multimedia production, web design, banners, logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, t-shirts and more.

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Daniel Funes (President & Lead Photographer) has been awarded by the International Society of Photographers and featured in the "Spirits in the night' book. A recognized book that has since then had many editions.
While residing in California, Daniel has worked with aspiring and professional models, actors and others professionals in many other industries. He has also worked with pets/animals, photographed nature and public events (journalism). Daniel Funes continues working on different projects and locations. Recently relocated in the east coast, Daniel continues his never-ending search for new talented models and small business owners looking for an new approach in branding and marketing.

This website has been designed to showcase Daniel's work as a web and logo designer and as well as a photographer among other services. You must have noticed it when you entered our website we have two options or areas we cover. One dedicated to small business owners and another area for all aspiring new models and actors. Regardless if you are a small business owner or a model. ALL these services are available to everyone in need of a new approach in marketing or looking for a new career.

Here is a glimpse of what you have to offer:

What makes DF Productions stand out among big production companies or web designers is very simple and fundamental to our business. We want your business and we want our work to speak for itself. DF Productions from the beginning has worked with the 'little guy' either by taking commercial photos, designing their logos, business cards, websites and more. To accomplish this, DF Productions expanded its services to all small business owners and entrepreneurs. You don't have to pay thousands of dollars to create your site and expand your business. We can design and create your site from scratch following your specifications. We work together from the beginning to the end. Your satisfaction is very important to us. To start we need a few things from you but no worries if you can't provide us with material, we can still help you out.

Call us today for a FREE consultation.


As a business owner you must understand that your brand, work, services or products are represented by a:


LOGO: We design 4 or more* logo samples following your specifications. You received a copy of each for your review. We make all the modifications you want and a final LOGO will be selected. You will then receive a jpeg, pdf, and png files for you to use at any time, on anything you need your name on as a business. If you need a logo or a new logo contact us TODAY to discuss your options and pricing information.

BUSINESS CARDS: We can either use your own logo or use a new logo. You must provide all the information you want your clients to see on the card. We will design 4 or more* card samples following your specifications for your review. We will make any modifications you want and a final card will be picked. You will receive a jpeg file for printing purposes**


BROCHURES (TRI-FOLDS): We can design tri-folds following your specifications. We will discuss in advance each side (front and back). You must provide all the information you want your clients to see. Once completed and printed, pass these tri-folds among your clients or future clients to showcase your services and work. You receive a jpeg and pdf files once a final tri-fold is selected for printing**.

T-SHIRTS: We can either use your logo or we can create a new one. You can either choose to have a front or a front and back t-shirt design. You will receive a jpeg, pdf, png and eps files for printers** to use.

* Additional fees apply when client asks for more samples.

**DF Productions is not responsible for printing errors made by the printing company the client selected for this job. A proof must be requested for verification purposes before a final order is placed.

Photo sessions are independently done and adjusted to fit customers needs. Each photo session is video recorded for personal or professional use and per request. Photoshop and other professional digital photography software are also used per request and/or as needed. All sessions are discussed in advance. Special rates are only applicable to new models.

NOTE: No mature content is produced nor exhibited on this site. This is not a mature pornographic company. All mature artistic jobs such as fine art photography (not pornographic) are only produced when building a modeling portfolio, or per request. We recommend to do a research before agreeing to do such work ahead of time. If a client is interested in fine art photography, he or she (the model) must be 18yo or older. He/she will receive and sign a written consent assuming all responsibility. This work is delicately done in order to keep and stay within these parameters. These images are only used professionally and for modeling purposes ONLY.

All models MUST have a modeling portfolio to work in modeling. A modeling portfolio is a collection of photos where the model shows different looks and styles for other casting directors to see. A physical book is necessary in open casting calls but we encourage to create an online portfolio as well to be accessed at anytime. We work with each model to build a portfolio. The model must understand what it takes to create a strong portfolio, the looks and styles needed. We promote our models from day one. We have made it possible for potential models to buy as many sessions as they want at a special rate ONLY offered to models and not the general public. Ready to start working on your modeling portfolio? CONTACT US TODAY for a free consultation.


Need a video for a presentation? to promote your business? How about a video of you working on your business to promote your work and show what you do to the world?
We can work together producing a video that meets your needs. A picture speaks a thousand words, imagine what a video does to your business. Start today by contacting us about your business so we can learn a bit about you and let our experts create and produce your video now.



DF Productions runs casting calls, at least, four times a year depending on the demand. Our casting calls are mostly for new amateur models looking to create their first professional portfolio while looking for representation. These casting calls are generally for the same categories. Runway, Commercial, Fitness Models and Actors (with little or no experience at all). Once in a while or in between we run casting calls for seniors (adults), teenagers, children and babies. If you missed a casting call and are interested into modeling, acting or both contact us directly. We might make an exception if the right person inquiries.



We represent ALL models and actors we worked with unless they are already working with an agency. We receive casting calls from other photographers, casting directors, producers for live events, runways, reality shows and movies. All paid jobs are discussed in advance. All selected models (or actors) will go thru a series of interviews (phone, skype, in person, etc.) in order to be selected. If selected the model (or actor) will be working directly with the person in charge. All models and actors pay a commission directly to DF Productions once the job is completed. Simple and direct. We want everyone of our models to be recognized and succeed in this industry. Be noticed and discovered. Contact us TODAY and let's build your first DFP Portfolio.


Projects are unusual but once in a while we run casting calls for a special project such as pets, projection screens, advertising or marketing material either for us or some clients, etc. Follow our Facebook Page and Instagram to stay current with our casting calls and projects. We not only post casting calls for ourselves but our friends all over the U.S. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter where everything done in that month will be posted including announcements, new models, future casting calls and projects.


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